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Acoustic MyoGraphy (AMG)

With AMG (Acoustic MyoGraphy) it is possible to measure muscle sounds and thereby muscle function during physical activity. The theory behind AMG has been known for a long time, but MyoDynamik has been the first to develop equipment capable of detecting and recording a clean noise free sound signal from muscles. The signal reveals how powerfully, coordinated and efficiently individual muscles work during physical activity.

The AMG equipment comprises a CURO (Lat: “I care”) together with smart sensors which provide you with a comprehensive and reliable muscle assessment, which is both quick and easy to use.


Our AMG muscle analysis can reveal:

  • How well-trained your dog is, as well as follow how it adapts to a training program.
  • How symmetrical your dog is when it moves.
  • How a dog is affected by a the leash or by jumps
  • What the most optimal training is for your dog. This applies also for such training problems as crookedness, gait faults, resistance to work and imbalanced posture.
  • When your dog muscles are showing early signs of fatigue so you can stop your training to avoid muscle injury.

AMG measurements cannot affect your dog, they are pain-free, non-invasive and allow you to train your horse without restrictions or hindrances. Muscle activity can be followed directly on an iPad in real-time during a training session, and afterwards be transformed into a detailed analysis report – or saved in a CSV or WAV file format for more extensive analysis.