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Welcome to MyoDynamik

– created for Veterinarians and dog owners

What can MyoDynamik do for you?

We provide a unique service to all Veterinarians and Dog owners with an interest in muscle training status, coordination and muscular health.
Why is this knowledge important? Whit it we can help dogs with fx hip or back problems detecting were the muscular problem is, tell when highly trained dogs in fx the police, agility or hunting are at their max level or if another type of training could be necessary and to retrain dog after an operation knowing how much it can take.
How do we analyse muscles? With a new non-invasive and pain-free technique that is called AMG.

What is Acoustic MyoGraphy (AMG)?

The AMG equipment comprises a CURO (Lat: I Care) together with smart sensors which provide veterinarians with a comprehensive and reliable muscle assessment, which is both quick and easy to use. AMG measurements cannot affect the horse, they are pain-free, non-invasive and allow you to train the horse without restrictions or hindrances. Muscle activity can be followed directly on an iPad in real-time during a training session, and afterwards be transformed into a detailed analysis report.